Outlaws bad boy fashions

Bold, sleek and fashion forward. The identity design was made in a strong, masculine direction. The name itself reminds us of those who like to rebel and ignore the law, in a way telling its customers to find their own persona, without being worried what other people might say about them.  

Japanese kiosk design

The client wanted a simple, not so complicated design for her small Japanese kiosk. She requested a straight forward design comprise of these elements – bowl and a crown. So the designer made a crown-like rice bowl, and a Japanese logo silhouette forming the letter “Q” which also stands for “Queen”. The business is called … Continue reading Japanese kiosk design

Modern market project design

The developer requested for a “back-to-the-nature” concept, so a flowerlike design was made for the identity and green colour scheme follows to bring the nuance of nature, landscape, and natural order. Not only the stationery design like business card design, logo design, letterhead design and more, but we also made the banner for the marketing … Continue reading Modern market project design

Culinary art workshop

The round, vintage like logo was created following what the business primary objective is, a culinary business. So the egg beater and the dough roller were selected as they are considered an essential tools for a kitchen. The logo was made minimalistic and can be used for various applications, such as stationeries, powerpoint presentation, email … Continue reading Culinary art workshop