Wireframe Design for Food Solutions App

A wireframe or UX/UI framework for mobile application for food ordering application. I was responsible to give directives and work closely with branding company, as well as project manage the design initiative. I developed the process flows framework and went through exercise of mapping the flows (similar to Kanban Board), went through market survey, as well as researching other solutions in market to get a better idea on the design architecture. For the editing I used Sketch, Illustrator and Photoshop. We went through a series of process flows improvement as we developed the application.

Designer: martin (myself) & other designers, collaborative effort.

Private Bank Websites

As part of my former employment in a private bank, National Australia Bank, I revamped the look and feel of the website to include call to action and easier navigation. Not only that, I also revamped the intranet for easier access to documents, forms and other important data for the employees (it’s not shown here as it’s confidential).

Designer: martin (myself) & product manager.

Food app website – B2B centric

As the business grows, more solutions are available for its end customers (B2C) as well as for businesses (B2B). I designed the website with 2 approaches – to target the end users of the solutions and to target the SMEs who will be using the solutions to target their own customers.

Designer: martin (myself)

Food app website – B2C centric

As the business grows, more solutions are available for its end customers (B2C) as well as for businesses (B2B). I designed the website with 2 approaches – to target the end users of the solutions and to target the SMEs who will be using the solutions to target their own customers.

Designer: martin (myself)


Food app marketing collaterals

Selling food business requires a lot of “shout outs” so people would recognize your brands, messages and products. In helping the business with their marketing, we designed lots of marketing collaterals for them to help them convey deals, promotions, or simply company updates. For this food app, we designed flyers, brochures, posters, app store/google play images, stickers and more.

Designers: martin & friends.


Food app design

This was a prototype design for a food app that allows online ordering. Users are able to find the food based on the location or name. It shows the design from the flash page, login page, food ordering page, until the confirmation page.


Small bakery shop label

This is the design for Mon Sari, a small bakery shop. The owner is a traditional baker, and would like a label design for her cakes, cookies, fried snacks. The design has elements of wheat or paddy, and the colour was chosen to follow range or yellow/brown/red suitable for a bakery shop.




Icon redesign: Google photo icon

This is an icon re-design. A simple re-assessment done to the Google Photos icon. The original Icon was in the form of 8-colours windmill. I used the analogy of a round palette (almost similar to a round flower too) because it represents lots of colours and beauty. Additionally since it’s a photo album or memories, and we use sight to admire those, I use a simple eye illustration in the middle of it. So, we can tell it is a product that has lots of colours, represent a beauty and using eye to appreciate it. In my personal opinion, windmill icon can be mistaken for a different product.




Outlaws bad boy fashions

Bold, sleek and fashion forward. The identity design was made in a strong, masculine direction. The name itself reminds us of those who like to rebel and ignore the law, in a way telling its customers to find their own persona, without being worried what other people might say about them.







Modern market project

This was a conceptualised design to show a great nature surrounding the traditional market constructed with modern facility. The project was located near tea plantation and mountainous region, occupied with local merchants and wonderful tourist destinations. This was made in collaboration with 3D designer, photographer and graphic designer. The magazine/booklet was made to showcase the greeneries and the refreshing feelings for the project itself. Shown below are some samples of the marketing collateral.





Japanese kiosk design

The client wanted a simple, not so complicated design for her small Japanese kiosk. She requested a straight forward design comprise of these elements – bowl and a crown. So the designer made a crown-like rice bowl, and a Japanese logo silhouette forming the letter “Q” which also stands for “Queen”. The business is called Izakaya Q.




Modern market project design

The developer requested for a “back-to-the-nature” concept, so a flowerlike design was made for the identity and green colour scheme follows to bring the nuance of nature, landscape, and natural order. Not only the stationery design like business card design, logo design, letterhead design and more, but we also made the banner for the marketing department. These are just some samples of the many design we made for the company.






Beef bowl and yakitori menu design

The client requested a colourful design for her Japanese restaurants. Photography was done separately. The design was made with Japanese elements and decorations. The food images made intentionally to look scrumptious and appealing (we put some smoke and some motions into the images). See below the design for the x-banner (standee), menu poster, and table counter menu.





Baby and mom e-commerce

Here are some icons made with pastel colours for an restaurant online application for baby and mom. That’s why icons made with a play in stacked plates design, strengthened with shadows as well as gradients. The colourful background is using pastel, soft natural colours, giving the calming effect. The icons used are related to e-commerce activities, such as e-wallet, shopping cart, like/favourite/follower, and so on.




Bakery and cafe design

The design wanted to get away from the conservative and vintage-looking design. Although tempted to do the same (with many other similar businesses), finally ended up with this intricate and dough-like (pretzel-like) design. The letter “B” and “D” are intertwined to make one unity. The logo was also shown in different applications for illustration such as wine label (did not want to make a specific wine label design at the time), napkins, menu, etc – to ensure it can work in many different mediums. Simple yet to-the-point and easy to remember.






Hospitality marketing services

Hospita Marketing Services aims to provide all types of marketing support for hospitality businesses such as hotels, hospitals and so on. The logo depicted from handshake, an idea (light bulb) and shout (exclamation signs above the light bulb) – all to send a message that the company wants to collaborate and achieve great idea which can be accepted by the client’s target audience. Moreover the name design was made in such a way it’s flowing and approachable, and if you notice, the designer made a “smile” inside the letter “o”. Like other big company, this little subtlety can help to send subliminal messages.





Culinary art workshop

The round, vintage like logo was created following what the business primary objective is, a culinary business. So the egg beater and the dough roller were selected as they are considered an essential tools for a kitchen. The logo was made minimalistic and can be used for various applications, such as stationeries, powerpoint presentation, email direct marketing, and so on.