My Certifications and Other Professional Works

Google Certifications

Business Partnership, Marketing, Collaboration Efforts

(1) UniMoney signs Memorandum with PT. Bank Syariah Mandiri

Here, I was trusted to prospect, sign up, train, setup and market the joint effort between UniMoney and PT. Bank Syariah Mandiri, one of the major banks in Indonesia. One of the main programs we marketed was Entrepreneurship Program for Migrant Workers in Hong Kong for the workers to open account with the bank by remitting money to Indonesia via UniMoney system to finance their startup/fund children education/send parents to pilgrimage etc.

(2) Klang Yiwu Friendship Cities International Commodities Expo

Here, I was trusted to co-setup the marketing efforts between our main Malaysian client, TML Remittance Center and our solution, UniMoney – to market both our businesses to local / Chinese SME from Yiwu in Klang, Malaysia.

(3) Old Chang Kee – Marigold Singapore Squash Open 2016

As part of the outbound marketing effort, here is a sample of many activities I initiated and managed for a collaboration between QJUMP Food Solutions and Singapore Squash in Singapore.