How To Get Your First 1000 Customers

Getting your first 1000 customers for your newly launched startups, is not an easy feat, regardless how interesting or powerful your product(s) / service(s) are. One of the essential keys to this is carefully plan out your brand awareness program. However, it is undeniable that lies in everyone's nature that we are reluctant to new things or new change.

How To Plan A Successful Website Strategy

A successful website strategy starts with proper planning. Ok, let's say you just created your website for your new mobile business, and you are stuck thinking what would be the next best things to do (or steps you need to take). You are extremely desperate for branding awareness (also, read "How To Build A Business … Continue reading How To Plan A Successful Website Strategy

10 Social Media Management Tools to Effectively Improve Your Digital Marketing Campaigns

As a digital marketer, one needs to be equipped with necessary digital marketing toolbox to allow such perceptions become more tangible and ultimately allowing one to be able to convey the right analysis, message and insight about marketing your client's business(es).