When we talk about 360 digital marketing, we are actually talking about a concept of delivering a complete, comprehensive (in all inclusive) solutions of digital marketing. This concept requires a consistent delivery of inbound marketing, where analytics might take place in understanding the performance of your business, as well improving them over time by managing, tracking, monitoring, analysing and improving the digital marketing efforts.

But before we dive into what is called as 360 digital marketing, we should understand how business(es) view(s) marketing and how do they approach marketing for their business – be it via traditional marketing, marketing consultancy or finally, 360 digital marketing.

Traditional Marketing

Magazines as Traditional MarketingThese days, traditional marketing is simply a component of the 360 Digital Marketing as companies / businesses are more diversifying their marketing. Traditional marketing is displaying your brand / product / services / messages via conventional method such as television, radio, paper media, billboard, road shows, and the like. Traditional marketing method is typically done using repeated messages, guerrilla advertising, word of mouth – all is to spread awareness to its target customers. Traditional marketing might require a considerable amount of investment. In addition, traditional marketing is difficult to measure.

Marketing Consultancy

Marketing Consultancy during business hours

Some businesses nowadays also engage marketing agencies or consultants to seek some help in the business creation, new stages of business, and business initiatives – as part of Marketing Consultancy works. Some Marketing Consultancy services might include branding, research, analytics, surveys, making sales or even promotions on behalf of the company. Typically, marketing consultancy will focus on the initial research and planning, and let client handle the execution. These days marketing consultancy also partake in periodic assessments of marketing strategies.

360 Digital Marketing

Analytics in 360 Digital MarketingDigital marketing is considered the bread and butter of new businesses nowadays. Not only it’s measurable, but it can be done using various Internet strategies and methods. Some examples are SEO, SEM, web design, GDN, social media management, e-commerce, content marketing, email marketing, search ads, and more. 360 Digital Marketing is viewing its marketing efforts from all possible angles using the digital media platforms including its analytics. These days 360 Digital Marketing can be paired with multiple external systems such as CRM, Inventory management, POS which are either connected by Internet or inserted manually. 360 Digital Marketing has been proven it is the most measurable method.

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