A successful website strategy starts with proper planning. Ok, let’s say you just created your website for your new mobile business, and you are stuck thinking what would be the next best things to do (or steps you need to take). You are extremely desperate for branding awareness (also, read “How To Build A Business Website Like a Pro With These 20 Intuitive Site Builders“) and have high hope that people will “magically” give you the conversion you need (download, engage, or use your services). This seems like a delusion that most startup/business owners are experiencing. Unfortunately, to have your business, products, or services reach your intended customers, there are some action plans you need to execute. In this article, I will share a schematic on how to create a solid website strategy. Why? Because having a good web strategy will lead you to better acquisition, engagement and conversion.

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Developing website marketing (Photo: infousa.com)

How do you structure your web strategy?

Before you develop your website, it is good to go through these step by step approach.

Who is your audience?

When developing your business plan, you should know who you want to target (what kind of demographic, what are the interests and hobbies of your intended customers, where are your customers located, and so on). Also, it is essential to create “buyer persona”, which is branding / feel / look that you want your customers to take away from your website. Example of such persona is “playful”, “confidence”, “serious”, and so forth.

What problems you solve for your audience?

Understanding the problems or difficulties that your audience is having, can help you to formulate your website, ultimately promoting better products/services. Why do you think your products / services can solve the problem? Are you selling the right product / services to solve them?

What actions you would like your audience to take?

Figure out the type of actions you would like your customers to do. Do you simply want to provide information about your business? Do you want your customers to purchase products or download application? How about signing up for newsletter and company updates? Do you want your audience to share the article they find online to their networks via social media?

Why should your audience choose you?

Instead of just simply stating the benefits of your products or services in solving your customer’s woes. You can also add some additional materials. Your audience should also choose you because of your competence, credentials, etc. You can include some testimonials, press releases, media news about your solutions and so on.

Where can you find your audience?

Once you understand your website persona, offerings and the type of audience you want to target, you can take it one step further by looking at where your intended customers are gathered, digitally of course. Are your customers visiting a certain Facebook Pages? Are there specific blogs they are following? Do they follow certain Instagram celebrities? By having this train of thoughts can help you shaping your websites and also, your other media channels.

How do you reach your audience?

This is where things get real. Decide how you want to reach your audience. Remember that “Content is King”, you need to find the right keywords your audience is using (understand how website seo works), because by understanding the right keywords, you can build your website and blog posts using them. This will help the search engine to find your information quickly. Also, “Marketing is Queen”, decide on the right marketing channels to reach your audience effectively. You can use Blog, Twitter, YouTube, email, newsletter, e-books, Facebook, podcasts etc. You can also utilise social media management tools to effectively distribute your messages or news to the channels of your choice.

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