Multimedia Portfolio

My multimedia portfolio consists of various of media works including prints, website design, logo design, branding, corporate profile, web and mobile app, UX UI, and more. These are some samples of what I have done in the past (not included are those with NDA)

I care about how should the design or conveyed messages through my multimedia can easily be perceived by the target market, at the same time making a synergy with client’s requirements and instructions. So, responsiveness, aesthetics, content, digital efforts, and the like – are important components in my thinking process.

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Martin is a key contributor to the success of the marketing team. He is a great multitasker and problem solver and a strong and dedicated team player. He is able to listen carefully to internal clients and respond effectively with creative solutions. He is both a strategic thinker- able to propose solutions to key challenges … Continue reading Leslie P – Chief Marketing Officer

Leslie P – Chief Marketing Officer

Mr Martin Santoso has provided the highest level of professionalism in his area of work. His skill set proved invaluable and he was instrumental in helping the company gain a strong foothold in the ASEAN. Martin worked timelessly and helped developed perfect presentation and sales, and media kit as well as other operational matters required … Continue reading Kwek JC – AVP, Broker & Client Management

Kwek JC – AVP, Broker & Client Management

Creative Business Services

I found a great joy in helping MNCs or SMEs through digital marketing experience, multimedia design and creative business services.

I also work with skilled people who can provide media development, website development, quality translation services, video production, creative assets creation and more. No request is too small for us. Whatever job you may require from us, we will try to provide you with the best quality and reasonable price in Singapore and Indonesia.

Skills & Services I can provide

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